Fly Miran is a full-service travel agency that works with business and consumer clients who require professional, friendly and efficient organization of their outbound and inbound travel needs. Fly Miran supports its skilled travel consultants in meeting client needs with an excellent technology framework, preferred agreements with world-class system providers and access to a large network of suppliers for travel and holiday options.

 The agency was founded as a private company in 1999 and has quickly grown to become one of the larger agencies in Iraq’s fledgling travel industry, with offices in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad. It is Iraqi owned with an international flavor, drawing on the skills of Iraqi staff and travel and business professionals from several other European and Asian countries.

 Fly Miran services all segments of the business and consumer markets, including local and foreign-owned companies with regular travel requirements for staff and Iraqis seeking expert assistance with flight bookings and international holiday packages. The agency is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi central government in Baghdad.


To be recognized as Iraq’s leading travel agency by the volume of our sales, the excellence of our customer service, the quality of the products we offer and the satisfaction of our customers.


To meet our clients’ every travel need through our efficient and cost-effective operations, displaying our superior professional competence and excellent customer service.


We source the best options and arrange special needs Organizing and booking a travel itinerary is a detail-intensive task. What are the best options? Is travel efficiency or total cost more important? What if something goes wrong? Do you actually have time to do it all yourself? Fly Miran has the knowledge, expertise and experience to arrange every aspect of a company; family or individuals travel needs, no matter how big, small or unusual. We can organize:

  • Air tickets to any destination
  • Hotel bookings or other accommodation types
  • Airport transfers
  • Visas to many countries
  • Car rental and private cars
  • Train tickets
  • Airport meet/greet and farewell
  • Meeting venues in destination countries
  • Travel insurance
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Tourism packages to many countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa
  • Conference and event attendance
  • Medical tourism in India, Jordon and the United Kingdom
  • Training course attendance in various countries
  • Religious tours
  • Honeymoon packages
For our business clients, we can act as your outsourced travel manager, including full record keeping, cost control to budget and regular reporting



A quality agency builds its service and reputation through the actions of its travel consultants and the competence of its support staff. Fly Miran has recruited and trained a multilingual staff we provide the best possible customer service to our clients.

The languages spoken by our staff include Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, English and German. They are thoroughly trained in the technology and systems we use to service our clients, which are superior to what is available to the majority of Iraqi travel agencies, and have access to our large network of contacts and suppliers around the world. Our travel consultants are also friendly, professional and competent, ensuring that the services we provide are delivered on time and in full, covering every detail required for the client’s itinerary.

Some examples of our superior customer service include:

  • A reservation service that is open from 9am to midnight, seven days a week
  • 24/7 customer service for clients who may be experiencing any difficulties with their
  • travel arrangements
  • Speedy reporting on any aspect of a company’s travel activities, including financials
  • Our ability to quickly identify ALL of our customers who may be on a cancelled flight
  • and to book new flights
  • Customized solutions to each client’s travel requirements
  • Multiple options and flexibility at every level of our clients’ travel itineraries
  • Customer feedback options – email, Facebook and face-to-face – that feed into our
  • continuous improvement process
  • The attractive offers and packages we are able to source from our suppliers to meet client needs


Five reasons why Fly Miran should be your partner of choice

There are five compelling reasons why Fly Miran should be your first choice as a travel partner in Iraq’s outbound and inbounds travel market.

1. Access to world-class travel systems

Global hotel booking system. These give us access to ticketing with 350 airlines, including more than 50 low-cost carriers, and more than 95,000 hotels in 15,000 destinations and 190 countries. We also license other Iraqi agencies to use these systems and provide full training. Plus Fly Miran system.

2. A large local network of agencies

Fly miran is a large agency in its own right and our reach throughout Iraq is amplified by more than 150 other travel agencies that work with us in a formal network. Through Fly Miran, our agency network can access a wider array of travel products, packages and destinations that boost their earnings potential.

3. A large global network of suppliers

Whatever travel service a client requires, Fly Miran can source it through its global network of providers to create a comprehensive itinerary. We are always seeking new travel providers with packages and products that are attractive to our clients and our agency network, which provides an extended platform for sales throughout Iraq.

4. Sales volume that shows we’re a serious player

Fly Miran average sales volume has reached US$4.5 million a month and is continuing to grow. We are Iraq’s top-selling agent for Turkish Airlines and a high-selling agent for Royal Jordanian, Qatar Airways, Fly Emirates and Etihad Airways. Our sales volume shows our market strength and gives us greater bargaining power when negotiating prices and commissions.

5. Cost-effective prices

A high sales volume means that Fly Miran can offer prices to its clients that most other agencies cannot match. Combined with Fly Miran’s top-quality customer service, clients find Fly Miran the best value-for-money agency To meet all their travel requirements.



Let Fly Miran be your outsourced travel function

Fly miran works with large corporate clients whose staff must travel regularly from their Iraqi base to other countries or to their Iraqi offices from other countries. We can make travel arrangements easier and more cost effective by becoming your outsourced travel function.

Instead of allocating a challenging specialist task to the human resources department or a couple of
full-time in-house staff, let Fly Miran take over these duties and responsibilities. We have the systems and knowledge to complete this work quickly and accurately and access to more options and better pricing than an in-house travel organizer.

We will also undertake all the record keeping and reporting that your company would normally do to monitor its travel against budget for the individual, department, division or company as a whole. The benefits and advantages of selecting Fly Miran as your outsourced travel function include:

- Cost savings gained through our high sales volume, which means your budget will stretch further.
- Better value for the money you spend, coming through improved accuracy and efficiency of travel organization.
- Reduction in lost work time through quick access to contingencies when things go wrong for the traveller.
- Improved monitoring of the travel function via access to up-to-the minute reports on every aspect of your company’s travel.
- Improved productivity of the traveller. Through our global network of travel and product providers, we can organize in advance every resource the traveller needs at their destination.
- Access to credit for approved clients, which helps to overcome short-term cash flow or banking difficulties.

Interested? Contact us today to discuss how Fly Miran can provide a premium service to meet your every travel need at a very cost-effective price.


Amplify your in-country platform with Fly Miran

Fly Miran works with companies whose staff members have busy travel schedules from Iraq to surrounding countries plus Europe, Asia and the United States of America. We are also experiencing growing demand from Iraqi citizens seeking tourism opportunities around the world.
We are seeking to add more reliable suppliers to our global network of partner companies that offer attractive travel and tourism-related options for our clients. In particular, we are looking for companies that can:
- Provide attractive deals and airline commissions
- Offer complete tour packages, including visas
- Expedite tourist and business visas
- Supply train tickets
- Provide transfers
- Provide in-country services for business travellers, e.g. driver and car, meeting rooms, airport transfers
- Supply interpreters and translators for English, Arabic and Kurdish speakers
- Arrange access to boutique accommodation.
Fly Miran’s size and strength, including its 150-strong network of travel agencies, give your company immediate access to a huge sales platform among a qualified audience in Iraq and the potential for significantly increased sales. There’s no upfront cost to establish an infrastructure and no need to send your staff in-country.
Iraq can be daunting to new entrants; Fly Miran can be your knowledgeable local partner who reduces the risk and increases the likelihood of profitable new business being generated.
Interested? Contact us today to discuss how Fly Miran can help you enter the Iraqi market and boost your sales volume all with little risk or cost to your business.

Better deals, more options, greater profit

The Iraqi travel industry is a crowded space, with many hundreds of small agencies vying for customers – and being in business one week and out of business the next.
Fly Miran is one of Iraq’s larger and most successful travel agencies, with an average sales volume of more than US$ 5 million a month. We are Iraq’s general sales agent for Tunis air, Cyprus, Viking Iraqi airways, Transvia airlines, Georgian airways, and we are operating charter flight
Fly Miran has also built a formal network of independent agencies throughout Iraq where we work together for our mutual benefit.
We help agencies to boost their sales performance and profitability by providing access to a much wider range of reputable travel packages and products – and at better prices – than you can source yourself. This wider range enables agencies to better service their customers’ needs and offer more variety and options, which boosts sales opportunities.
Fly Miran is seeking more Iraqi travel agencies to join its network and also welcomes enquiries from agencies in all the world .


Fly Miran plans for improvement and expansion

Fly Miran is excited about its future and the opportunities opening up in the Iraqi travel industry. We have big plans to continue our growth and to provide more extensive and sophisticated services and options for our clients, agency network and supplier network.

Increasing our independent networks

We are working to boost both our network of Iraqi agencies and our network of out-of-country travel product suppliers. This means our agencies will have more options to offer their customers that can increase their sales and profit, and our suppliers will have a bigger sales platform through which to sell greater volume. Fly Miran also expects to start recruiting travel agencies from other countries in the medium term to extend our market strength even further.

Continuous improvement via training

Our staffs are already among the best in the industry and Fly Miran is planning to make them even better. Training programs are being developed to provide them with more skills and tools in customer service and sales techniques.